Our Services

Automated Curation

We help you create great newsletters for your employees and customers. Our algorithms do the boring work. You save time without having to compromise quality.

Intelligent Alerts

We provide a new generation of alert that only sends new information out if it is found to be both novel and relevant - keeping your head free to deal with more important things.

Bursting information bubbles

We believe that information bubbles that only confirm your opinion are harmful for every business. Our technology allows us to burst information bubbles, reducing the risk for you to miss crucial information.


Who We Are

We're a young and dynamic team based in Berlin and Vienna. As researchers, our skill sets combine training in natural language processing, machine learning and interface design as well as strong mathematical and statistical skills. These are teamed with our entrepreneurial experience and drive, always looking to translate our ideas and research into forms that help be more efficient at what their doing best.

What We Do

At the core of all our services lies a technolgy that uses a combination of semantic analysis, deep learning and graph theoretical models. These let us automate the curation and selection of large bodies of text, such as news articles. All our algorithms are geared towards maximising your overview over the input articles, meaning it's all about minimizing the chance that you miss out on important topics.

Paul Boes

Christoph Kralj


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